Club Rules And Regulations

    1. Subscriptions will be due annually by the 1st February
    2. On acceptance of the relevant squash subscription. Access to Sunderland Squash Computerised booking system will be authorised. (members not wishing to renew or failing to do so within the aforementioned renewal period grace, will automatically be removed from the booking system).

    1. Court bookings can be made using the Wazygoose online court booking system
    2. Full members can book courts up to a maximum of 28 days in advance.
    3. Consecutive and concurrent courts can be booked by the same member.
    4. Members are allowed to invite a guest to play at the club on three occasions during the membership year. There is no payment necessary.
    5. Court timings will be via the Wazygoose booking system.
    6. Cancellation/Refund Schedule
    7. Under the new payment system you will pay for the court when you book it via Wazygoose. If you subsequently cancel your booking members will receive a full or part refund of your booking fee depending on when the cancellation is made.
      • 5 full days notice: you receive a refund of £5.00
      • 4 full days notice: you receive a refund of £4.00
      • 3 full days notice: you receive a refund of £3.00
      • 2 full days notice: you receive a refund of £2.00
      • 1 full days notice: you receive a refund of £1.00
      • Cancellation on the same day as your booking: you receive no refund
    8. There will be no penalty for cancelling Off-Peak bookings.

    1. Court 2 and Court 3 will normally be reserved for all midweek team matches; The team match has priority should it not be completed by the designated time.
    2. The fixtures secretary is responsible for allocating dates and bookings for all team matches.

    1. No Children under the age of 12 years are allowed in the squash area unless accompanied by an adult. No child under the age of 10 to be in either the male or female changing rooms unaccompanied by an appropriate adult.
    2. For more information on Safeguarding please see the following:
      • Safe squash - Support - England Squash
      • Involving young people in mixed-aged sport or activity
    3. Appropriate squash shoes (i.e. non-marking soles) to be worn on the squash courts. Persons not adhering to this rule will be asked to leave the courts. (their membership may be cancelled at the discretion of the committee)
    4. Appropriate sportswear must be worn at all times when playing squash.

    All members are expected to conduct themselves on court in accordance with the general rules of squash and good etiquette. Any conduct deemed to be outside this general rule will be dealt with by the Squash Management Team.