Geoff Younger Trophy

Geoff Younger was a staunch member of Northern Squash section for a number of years. A fully contributing and popular member of the club Geoff was liked by all. Sadly Geoff passed away in 2010 at the age of fifty nine. In memory of Geoff and his overall contribution to Northern Squash the Squash Committee decided to hold an annual event to celebrate his involvement with the club.

In the true image of Geoff’s mischievous and creative nature the actual competition has some interesting variations on Squash.

The competitors total fifteen and entry age is minimum fifty on the date of playing.

The competition is held over two consecutive evenings.

Three groups of five with group seeding.

American scoring, all competitors play each other within their group on evening one.

All individual matches last ten minutes. All scores are recorded.

Reseeding of competitors for evening two.

Individual cumulative score for both nights are totalled.

Lowest score wooden spoon.

Highest score winner.

Year Winner Wooden Spoon
2014 Vincent O'Sullivan Chris Seal
2013 Gordie Robertson Clive Lucas
2012 John Lennox Allan Curry
2011 Angus Thompson Peter Quinn