Ashes Tounrnament

In September 2010, the online booking system was introduced and this meant the demise of the much loved “court booking book” (a yellow binder containing paper booking sheets) which had lived in the bar for many years.

Rather than condemning this to a rubbish tip or recycling centre, it was decided by some committee members (probably after one too many drinks in the bar) to create an Ashes Trophy (blatantly copying the idea the cricket authorities had thought of many years ago). So the “court booking book” was ceremoniously cremated (in someone's’s back yard) and the ashes placed in a suitable vessel (donated by Gregg Strettle of Strettle Monuments).

We then had to decide what to do with the Ashes Trophy. Eventually the idea of running an Annual Fun Tournament in late summer was decided upon. On 28th August 2011, the first Ashes Tournament took place – this was a timed team event – frantic but fun – just as intended.

Watch out on the News page for information about future Ashes Tournaments.