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Wayne Eastaugh

Pay Your Subs Now And Help Our Club During Lock-Down

Wayne Eastaugh - Sun 19 Apr 2020

Members who are able to renew their annual squash membership now can make a major contribution to helping the club during lock-down...

Dear members,

Our club has zero income at present and although every possible step has been taken to reduce expenditure, the club is obviously still incurring significant costs.

As every year, the membership renewal date is 1st May

The current membership renewal date is May 1st. Normally, this would entitle you to 12 months of membership but given the current coronavirus lock-down, the committee has decided that those 12 months of membership entitlement will be extended from 1st May until 12 months after the date at which the club re-opens and we are all playing again.

We need your help to renew now and provide the club with some income

We're aware that some of our members will be experiencing reduced income and we totally understand that if you are then you will be mindful of all your spending. But for anyone who is not in that boat, we're asking you to consider helping out your club by renewing now rather than waiting until the re-opening. The money you pay for your membership subs will contribute massively to the well-being of the club and ensure that we do indeed have a club to go back to once the restrictions are lifted.

If you can, logon to your Wazygoose account and you'll see the familiar green banner at the top of you account home page, inviting you to renew your membership:

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you all back at the club soon.

Your Committee

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