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Wayne Eastaugh

Internal Leagues October/November 2016

Wayne Eastaugh - Sat 22 Oct 2016

Craig Dowie finished top of the league while Aanya Hamilton was the best performing player. This new league session runs to Fri 25 Nov 2016...


Did you know Leagues information, scoring, rules and more is available on the Wazygoose website? You can see all the info here:

New League

This league session runs up to Fri 25 Nov 2016.

You can view the new league at:

Last Month

You can view the final standings from last month at:

Top Performing Players

No Name Av. Points
1 Aanya Hamilton 5.6000
2 Mark Dinsley 5.5000
3 Peter Thompson 5.2500
4 Ian Blackshaw 5.0000
= Chris Seal 5.0000
= Philip Hall 5.0000

The full list of performances is available at:

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