Team Squash End of Season Review 2011/2012

It has been a very successful season for our teams, with 5 Division and Cup winners and 2 runners up.

The Ladies 1st team were all-conquering – winning Ladies Division 1 and the end of season Northumbria Cup, without losing a match.

The Men’s 2nd team won Division 1 and will be promoted to the Premier Division next season, where they will compete with our Men’s 1st team. The Men’s 2nd team also finished League cup runners up.

The Junior 1st team won Division 3.

In Division 5, the Men’s 5th team won the Division.

The Junior Girls team improved in the 2nd half of their first season in the Leagues and finished runners up in Division 3 – being the only team to beat the league winners (Concordia Gosex).

Final positions of all our teams:


  • Ladies’ 1st team: Winners Division 1, Winners Northumbria Cup
  • Men’s 2nd team: Winners Division 1, Runners Up League Cup
  • Junior 1st team: Winners Division 3
  • Men’s 5th team: Winners Division 5
  • Junior Girls team: Runners Up Division 3

Other teams:

  • Men’s 1st team 6th Premier Division
  • Ladies’ 2nd team 4th Division 1
  • Men’s 3rd team 6th Division 2
  • Men’s 4th team 4th Division 3
  • Junior 2nd team 4th Division 5
  • Men’s 6th team 6th Division 6

Although we had no Player of the Division winners, notable performances in the Men’s teams were:

  • Craig Dowie: (won all his 12 matches for the Men’s 2nd team and all 3 matches when he played up for the 1st team)
  • Cai Younger: (won 8 out 8 for Junior 1s, and 1 out 1 for the 3rd team)
  • Alex Robertson: (won 10 out 11 playing at number 1 for Junior 2nd team, and 6 out of 6 for Junior 1s).

For the Ladies: 1st team players Helen and Sarah Dowson won all their matches without dropping a game. Karen Heron lost only 1 match.