Junior Squash Committee

We have a very active junior committee at Northern squash club, made up of parents and coaches.

Each member of the committee has his/her own area of responsibility.

  • Tim Barker

    Tim Barker

    Chairman of Junior Squash

    Chairman of junior squash Tim, who also captains the club's 4th team, caught the squash bug when his children showed a real interest in the game having been introduced to it via Richard Vitty's schools outreach programme. He now loves playing team squash, the social side of the squash club and watching his daughters progress within the club's junior structure.

    Originally from Lancashire, Tim's law firm sponsors the club's annual junior event. One of Tim's (as yet unfulfilled) ambitions is to reach league 1 of the internal leagues. Watch this space!

  • Richard Vitty

    Richard Vitty

    Vice Chairman

    Vice chair and Club's senior coach

  • Denise Thompson

    Denise Thompson


  • Jem Stach

    Jem Stach

    Committee Member

    Tournament referee and assists with running of the junior teams

  • Kevan Mahoney

    Kevan Mahoney

    Committee Member

    Technology and assists with running junior teams

  • Stephen Moore

    Stephen Moore

    Committee Member

    Runs Junior teams

  • Jane Johnson

    Jane Johnson

    Committee Member

  • Jane Shipsey

    Jane Shipsey

    Committee Member

  • Charlie Ponente

    Charlie Ponente

    Committee Member

    In charge of junior ladder and assistant tournament referee

For further information contact Richard Vitty, Head Coach, tel: 0191 285 9712 or email richard.vitty@blueyonder.co.uk.

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