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Marc Shipley

Boldon Squash Rules

Marc Shipley - Sat 17 Jul 2021

Club and Court Etiquette

  1. Squash shoes must not be worn to arrive or leave the club, change into your court shoes when inside the club.
  2. Do not take drinks on court.
  3. Day members must not play during peak periods, even as a guest of a full member, other than allowed by the Squash Committee
  4. Guests must be accompanied by a FULL SQUASH MEMBER.
  5. Guests may not play more than a total of three sessions before they must become member of the Squash Section.
  6. Previous Members of the Club will only be allowed to play with the express permission of the Squash Committee.
  7. On court, non-marking soles on indoor clean footwear must be worn and suitable sports clothing - non sleeved vest are not acceptable.
  8. Members and guests are reminded that court etiquette and England Squash rules governing their behaviour on and off court and use of offensive language will not be tolerated. Any conduct deemed to be outside of these rules will be dealt with by the Squash Committee.
  9. Blood or bleeding on court, players should leave the court and should not go back on court until the bleeding has stopped and the wound covered.
  10. When players finish a match they should ensure that they shower and change their clothes before going into the bar for refreshment
  11. All squash bags should remain outside of the bar area whilst you are in the bar

We strive to create an environment that men, women and children can feel safe and at ease to enjoy squash or squash 57.


Boldon Cricket & Squash Club is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and young people to enjoy playing squash & squash 57 2021

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