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Victoria Bell

AGM response 2020

Victoria Bell - Thu 08 Apr 2021

We had one response to our email sent out regarding the AGM, please see this question along with the committees response.

Question given by member -

I’ve already been at Ronnie on this one and He didn’t seem keen but I wonder if you could bring up the club opening times at the AGM. Opening at 7 is too late for me to use the gym then get to work on time, I don’t think I’ll be the only one, I’ve joined lifestyle so that I can go at 6am which I’d prefer not to as the squash club gym is better! I’m not expecting any change but worth the ask and didn’t want to pester Ronnie with it anymore!


Response -

Thanks for your response to our AGM reports and your question about extending the opening hours at the club.

The committee have reviewed your request regarding opening the club earlier than the current 07:00 opening time. As you probably appreciate the club is opened by volunteers, if we made this earlier we may need to employ an appropriate organisation to open up which would cost a considerable sum, unless alternative arrangements can be made.

In the interim we are investigating the possibility of various alternatives to enable the opening hours to be extended to allow a 06:00 start. This will initially be as a trial, hopefully this will be commenced in early May. If there are sufficient numbers of members using this early access we will see if this could become a permanent measure.

We understand your particular circumstances and regret we are not able to fully grant your request

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