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Dermot Hamblin


Dermot Hamblin - Thu 31 Dec 2020

Look forward to 2021

I think the general response to 2020, is thanks that's out the way - or words to that effect.

We'd normally be at this place, by having celebrated our Christmas tournament and getting our party clothes on to welcome the new Year in. You can still put your party clothes on, but you'll be celebrating the night, in front of telly/computer screen, with your loved ones. That very same room, where you've spent most of the last 9 months, through no choice of your own.

In squash terms, we are still awaiting the completion of the 2019/20 Northumbria Leagues, with us having put up a great performance in all four teams. The delay to the final outcome of the season, means we can only hope that we start the Winter Leagues in September 2021, in a healthy position. We can pray, to whichever God you choose, that we have the Summer Leagues to play from May this year.

We have several positives to look back on from this year: one of the best being our "Saturday Club", which gave six players to chance to have 90 minutes of squash, followed by a few social pints. I can assure you that I've not been encouraged to mention that the Undisputed Saturday Club Champion for 2020 is Jeff Stoker.

I'd also like to thank a couple of members for their contributions to the club these past 12 months:

Anne Page - Treasurer of the Squash Club and now Company Secretary of Ashbrooke Sports Club (ASC).

Jeff Stoker - Squash Trustee for ASC and without Jeff and the Board of Trustees, the club would have been on a sticky wicket. Although, we can't claim to have resolved all the issues from the last few years, there has been a huge amount of spadework undertaken this year, to put the club, in a place, where it can move forwards.

Steve Paisley - Long term captain of a team in the Northumbria Leagues and always quick to put his hand up. Notably having just painted the male and female changing rooms over the last few days, so that when we return, the club looks a little fresher.

Thank you to Anne, Jeff and Steve and the other members, who have made contributions this year.

Lastly, enjoy your nights this evening, Stay Safe and let's hope it's not long before we are running around the squash courts at ASC.


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