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Victoria Bell

A message from our Chairman - Russell Smith

Victoria Bell - Tue 13 Oct 2020

A message from our Chairman - Russell Smith

An update from the Chairman

Hello to all our members,

I am just writing to keep in touch and update you all as the current COVID situation continues to restrict our lives, in particular our squash & racketball playing along with our general aim to keep fit. I also want to make a few public “thank you’s” to the people who have assisted me and helped to keep the club going since our lives were substantially changed in March this year.

It is now nearly 3 months since our Club was able to reopen, even though there are still some restrictions on our ability to play squash and racketball, along with numerous other activities that we either cannot do or must do differently. As you are aware due to our secure financial position we were able to pause the membership subscription for 6 months whilst the club was fully closed and during the initial reopening period. I want to personally thank you all for your patience during this testing period.

As you would expect the Committee have met regularly (via zoom) as the pandemic spread in the U.K. so we were able to react to the rapidly changing situation and to understand and implement the guidelines issued by our governing bodies, Sport England, England Squash and the government. I want to reaffirm my thanks to all the committee members, along with all the other people who help out, for their commitment; this has made it possible to keep our club going during these unprecedented times.

Following the green light to reopen, albeit in a limited way, it has been great to see so many back on court or in the gym; a gentle reminder for all is whilst we are in our club we must continue to follow the rules. During this initial reopening period Victoria and Ronnie have worked tirelessly to allow as full access to the club as we are allowed and to continue to keep you all informed of any updates as they occur. I think all gym users will agree the measures introduced to keep them safe whilst allowing nearly full use of the gym is great to see. I am particularly pleased to hear the feedback that many of you feel safe and comfortable in these surroundings and are back working hard to keep fit, I wish I had your dedication!

Hopefully as these restrictions are relaxed my aspiration is that we will gradually be able to fully reopen all facilities at the Club, however this will only happen when a safe return of playing and keeping fit can be achieved & government guidelines permit. When it is safe for squash, racketball and general keeping fit to fully return we can reflect with pride at how we did our bit to help stop this virus.

My final wish is to thank you all again for your continued understanding and support during this difficult time, I realise our club cannot operate as we would like but we are all doing the best we can.

Most importantly I hope that you and your families are all safe and well under these extreme circumstances. For anyone who has personally suffered the loss of any friends or family, you have my sincere condolences at what must be a very difficult time for you.

As I previously stated please remain optimistic, keep the faith as we will Play Safe and Stay Safe at our Club soon, until I see you at the club again, keep safe.

Best regards,

Russell Smith


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