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Allan Curry

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Allan Curry - Wed 29 Jan 2020

Referees Course

As an old school player & marker or should I say “referee” this course will open up your horizons & thought processes for future games, both as a player & referee. Squash England & squash worldwide are changing the way we play & referee games, in that wear players in the past have been looking for stroke, referees are looking to give NO LETS, so to keep the game progressing & making it more watchable for the spectators, obviously there will be circumstances where LETS will be given for: INTERFERENCE/CONTACT/OBSTRUCTION etc but as we are all seeing that players are making more contact with each other more & more these days, compared with a generation ago. If you were lucky enough to watch Liam Gutcher v Max Forster & Sam Ward v Emma Gregson during the County Closed Finals at Tynemouth, you would of seen that all the players made contact quite a few times during each game “but just got on with the rally, whereas a few years ago plays would have been asking for LETS/STROKES.

So, regarding the Referees Course:

• Do you know & can you categorise: INTERFERENCE/CONTACT/OBSTRUCTION? • Can you categorise the 4 different types of injuries? • Do you know the protocol for a blood injury & what is the time limit? • What is your understanding of the: 2nd attempt rule ie turning/shaping? • Can you justify a: STROKE – NO LET or LET?

If you are unsure of any of the above, then you may want to consider attending the Referees Course, it’s only a few hours & it will either refresh your exciting knowledge or you will learn/understand & appreciate some of the above & the way the game of squash is progressing.

Martin from Squash England will talk you through the above & more, so that you can referee games with confidence knowing that you have a firm understanding of the rules & regulations.

Hope this helps, that you are never too old to learn new skills, as I learnt a few new rules during the course & have a better understanding of terminology & the direction the squash game is heading!

Gary outlines the positive aspect's of the referees course, should we run the same again. Interested individuals contact Squash Chairman Allan Curry.

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