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Kevin Forster

League rules

Kevin Forster - Thu 13 Feb 2020

The League is open to all full squash members. Juniors who wish to play in the league must obtain approval from one of the Club's coaches.

League Rules

  1. Entering the League

1.1 The League is open to all full squash members.

1.2 Juniors who wish to play in the league must obtain approval from one of the Club’s coaches.

1.3 To join the next league contact the League Secretary (Kevin Forster)

1.4 Players who do not PLAY in two consecutive league sessions, without informing the League Secretary, will be removed from the leagues and must contact the League Secretary to be entered in to the next league session.

2 Scoring

2.1 League matches are best of five games, using PAR scoring to 15. Should a match be unfinished at the end of the session, the score in games at the end of play determines the allocation of league points. Incomplete games do not count. It is the responsibility of the winner of the match to enter the score on the league system.

2.2 Juniors up to 18 years old and ladies have a +6 points handicap in all games.

2.3 Unfinished matches can be replayed if both players agree and if the match can be played before the league end date.

2.4 Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time and be ready to play at the arranged time.

Completed Match -------- League Points --------- Walkovers

       3 – 0                   7 – 1             w/f 4   w/a 0
       3 – 1                   6 – 2        
       3 – 2                   5 - 3        

3 Playing in the league

3.1 The league can only function successfully if ALL players make the effort to book courts and contact the other players in his or her division. Please do not enter if you are unable to fulfil this commitment in each session. The court fee should always be shared by both players. All league matches are to be played with the Dunlop Double Yellow spot ball unless agreed by both players before play starts.

4 Court Etiquette

4.1 The objective of the league is to promote sporting competition between players. Whilst the objective of the individual player is to win, it should be within the rules and spirit of the game. Double bounces, double hits and dodgy lets are all unacceptable, as is abusive language and intimidating behaviour.

4.2 It is in the interest and safety of all players to know the Rules of Squash and how they should be interpreted. If you are uncertain of the rules you may ask a third party to referee your match. If a player suffers a bleed on court they must leave the court IMMEDIATELY and should not return until the wound has stopped bleeding and has been covered. See England Squash Rule 14.4

5 Match fixing

5.1 Not playing matches and sharing the points, claiming unjustified walkovers or playing a known lessor opponent for maximum points from 1 match are all contrary to the spirit of the league.

6 Injured & Failure to Play

6.1 Any player failing to play one or more matches in a session, without informing the League Secretary and their opponents of any injury, will be dropped from the next league session. Re-instatement will be at the discretion of the League Secretary.

6.2. The League Secretary will make adjustments to match scores when a player becomes injured during the course of a session. Adjustments will be made so that no player is at a disadvantage due to not having the opportunity to play the injured player. The League Secretary will use his or her judgement to ensure the fairest result for all parties.

7 Walkovers

7.1 Players are urged to use common sense and judgement when claiming a walkover and always in the first instance discuss the claim with their opponent. Walkovers will be at the discretion of the League Secretary who must be contacted before claiming, giving your reasons. The decision of the League Secretary is final.

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