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Julie Cornell

Squash Committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 18th December, 2017

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Allan Curry, Roger Tames, Dave North, Richard Vitty, Tim Barker, Wayne Easthaugh.

Apologies: Sarah Bedford

Minutes of last meeting

The start date for Ladies Squash was amended to 12th January 2018.

All other matters arising were dealt with as main agenda items.

Junior coaching

It was agreed that no changes would be made to the existing panel at present, but that, as set out in its previously adopted policy, at the start of the new season appropriately qualified and insured members of the club could apply. It was suggested that there be a review of how members are allowed to enter into informal coaching arrangements with other members.

Gosforth Classic

There was universal praise for the recent PSA tournament organised by Cai Younger and Michael Mattimore. The standard of squash was excellent; it was well organised and run, with large numbers attending the finals day.

It was suggested that slight improvements could be made by having microphones for the finals introduction and scoring, pre match music and for the date to be determined and advertised with more notice.

The committee wished to record its thanks to Denise Thompson for collating distribution of tournament t shirts.

It was proposed to invite Cai to a meeting to discuss how the club could help with sponsorship and forward planning.


The website has been amended so that committee minutes and committee member’s profiles now appear on separate pages.

It was agreed that a link to Northern Volleys issues be included on the Facebook/Twitter feed/website.

For Inclusion in next Volleys issue:-

Team squash Report, Gosforth Classic report, Ladies squash, Junior Squash Coaching in the area.

Team Squash 2017-2018

At the half way point in the season, Dave gave a run down on the positions of the Northern teams. He reported that teams needed to be re-nominated and that the County were enforcing the rule that all players be registered with England Squash. There were ongoing issues with a minority of Northern team players not getting the e mail to allow them to complete their registration.

Membership 2017-2018/Members’ Open Meeting

Membersghip remains healthy with capacity for a small number of new members.

It was proposed and agreed to devote most of the January meeting to preparation for the open meeting on 15th February, 2018.


No report was given due to the absence of Sarah. However, there was a brief discussion about the need for all training, including regarding changes to Data Protection, to be completed by the open meeting.

Junior Report

Tim and Richard gave verbal reports.

The “traffic light” payment system is working well and all courses are full with a small waiting list.

The committee were impressed with improvements to the junior notice board instigated by Denise Thompson, updating ranking information and recent tournament performances.

Executive/ finance committees

Following his circulation of a written report of his attendance at the Executive committee, Tim gave a brief verbal report.

Roger, Allan and Tim will attend the next Executive committee meeting, Allan will attend the next Finance committee meeting and Clive will produce draft accounts.

Allan circulated a draft proposal of the Terms of Reference.

Internal Leagues

No issues.

Date of next meeting

Monday 15th January 2018.

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