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Julie Cornell

Squash Committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Mon 20 Nov 2017

Present:Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Sarah Bedford, Allan Curry, Roger Tames, Dave North, Wayne Easthaugh.

Apologies: Richard Vitty, Tim Barker

Minutes of last meeting

Wayne reported that he had completed all action points in relation to the club website.

All other matters arising were dealt with as main agenda items.

Club championships/Presentation evening.

There was extensive discussion and attempts made to find a date for the Club Championships and Presentation Evening which would suit all members of the club and avoid county presentations and finals, tournaments, team matches and took into account availability of the McCracken Suite. There was agreement that the date should be at the end of the season, as the Presentation Evening also celebrates the achievements of teams, individuals and club events. It was agreed to postpone a decision until after Clive and Allan had met with Tim Barker.

Events Diary 2017-2018

15-17 December 2017- PSA and Graded Tournament organised by Cai Younger. The committee had indicated to Cai that a number of Northern members and presumably players from other clubs would be unable to take part as they were travelling to Manchester to watch the finals of the World Squash Championships, however he is happy to proceed with this date.

29 December 2017- Christmas Fun Doubles.

17 March 2018- Geoff Younger Tournament.

23 June 2018-Andy Lee Tournament.

8 September 2018- Ashes Tournament.

27 October 2018- Devilish Doubles Tournament.

Team Shirts

Peter Thompson is collating the ordering of team shirts. Sponsored by Tim Barker’s company each team player will be able to purchase 1 shirt at a subsidised price and the club will pay this invoice. Players wishing to order a second shirt will need to pay cost price and this invoice cannot be paid through the club.

Team Squash 2017-2018

Dave reported that matches are now running with no issues. Only one female member is playing for both the ladies and northern teams, although a number of junior girls are playing in both the ladies and junior teams.

Membership 2017-2018/Members’ Open Meeting

Membership continues to grow with space to accommodate for a few new members.

It was agreed to hold an open meeting in January 2018. This led on to a discussion regarding categories of membership, which included a suggestion that a new category of non-playing parent of junior member be introduced. At the meeting in January 2018, parents of junior members who are not members themselves would be welcome to attend but it was suggested that future open meetings be restricted to members only and therefore parents wishing to attend would need to be non-playing members of the club or peak/off peak/guardian members. The suggested format of the meeting was that Allan would chair the meeting accompanied by Roger and Tim and that it would be requested that questions from members be submitted in advance.


Sarah gave a report on progress of safeguarding training and DBS clearance. DBS clearance of coaches was seen as a priority- the club’s coaches must have submitted their applications by the next meeting or they will be prevented from coaching until they have done so. It was agreed that coaches working with junior players within the club but who are not part of the coaching panel will still be required to have DBS clearance.

Junior Report

As neither Richard nor Tim was able to attend the meeting there was no junior report. However, the committee discussed the request from the junior section to have squad t shirts and for the club to meet the initial cost and accept payments from individuals. Although this would not involve an overall cost to the club, the anticipated size of the order would require application to the finance committee for authorization. The committee also expressed its frustration that it had been seen as prevaricating over video equipment. Having agreed to the initial proposal, Clive explained that David Giles required a fully itemised list of all equipment needed with exact costs.

Ladies Coaching

Clive reported that Richard had requested changing the Ladies coaching session to 4pm on a Sunday. The committee with unsure about the level of interest this would generate but unable to discuss fully in the absence of RV.

Executive/ finance committees

Roger and Allan gave a verbal report on their meeting with Mel Vecsey and Chris Matthews. Tim Barker, having been invited to attend NFC Executive meetings, is keen to know the personal commitment and potential influence on discussion.

Internal Leagues

Nothing of note to report.

Any other business

Clive reported that he had received an e mail enquiring about coaching opportunities within the club.

Date of next meeting

Monday 20th November 2017.

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