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Julie Cornell

Squash Committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Mon 02 Oct 2017

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 18th September, 2017

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Sarah Bedford, Allan Curry, Richard Vitty, Roger Tames, Dave North, Wayne Eastaugh.

Minutes of last meeting

All matters arising were dealt with as main agenda items.

Events Diary

There was extensive discussion about the date of the Club Championships, as the committee was eager to avoid a clash with other fixtures, in particular the junior silver event on 21st April in Croydon. However, given the dates of the school holidays, the local bronze event which was likely to involve a large number of junior members, team matches, county presentation night (28th April) the week of 16-22 April 2018 appeared to be the only date available. There was a suggestion that given the distance, very few junior members were likely to travel to the silver event. Confirmation of the date was deferred until the next meeting.

It was agreed to hold other events on the same dates as 2016, with the Andy Lee taking place on 1 night rather than 2.

The date of the Disco Doubles is 7th October.

Team Squash 2017-2018

Dave reported that team captains were now in place and that final order nominations were imminent. Matches start on 1/10/17. Sam Ward will play for the men’s teams, whilst Josie Barker will play for both.

Richard reported that Tim Barker has offered to sponsor Northern team shirts. The shirts will be navy blue with white print. (Northern squash on the back and the club logo on the left breast with Tim’s logo on the back at the bottom). Peter Thompson has agreed to collate the order- team captains will need to send him numbers and sizes.

Clubs have reported difficulties in registering their players with England Squash and the prerequisite that all team players be registered has been deferred until next year.

Membership 2017-2018/Members’ Open Meeting

Current membership remains strong.

It was agreed that there needs to be a clear distinction between guardian and off-peak membership. An off-peak player, playing with junior/full member at peak time is required to pay a guest fee. A guardian may play during peak times with their own child without paying a guest fee. This led on to a discussion regarding categories of membership, which included a suggestion that a new category of non-playing parent of junior member be introduced.

The date of an open meeting is to be discussed at the next committee meeting.


Sarah has organised safeguarding training for all committee members, coaches and team captains and for relevant individuals at Northumbria Squash. The invoice will be sent to David Giles and Clive will then invoice Northumbria Squash for their share of the cost.

It was agreed that everyone should complete the Safeguarding Children in Sport module by the end of October and the other required sections by the end of November.

Clive, Allan, Richard and club coaches require a DBS clearance.

Northern Volleys

For inclusion in the next volleys:-


Social media- Adults using club social media pages need to be mindful that junior members may have access to posts.

Junior Report

Richard reported that 30% of juniors had not yet paid for current courses.

His suggestion was that as follows: -

Wk 1 non-payment- green light.

Wk2 non-payment-amber light

Wk3 non-payment -red card

Wk4 non-payment- removal from the course.

Richard informed the committee of his proposal for using the money raised by the Asda bagpack. Kevin Mahoney has put together a suggestion for a webcam outside court 1 with a link to the balcony television and PC, housed in a lockable desk.

Clive reported that he has asked Michael Giles to arrange a rolling feed of squash related information to the balcony TV.

There was unanimous agreement that funds raised by future bagpacks should be used to provide players with a more easily accessible water supply, possibly under the stairs behind court 1, using a spur from piping in Gi’s office.

Richard also requested that the club pay a subscription of £100 per year for Squash skills/PSA TV.

Internal Leagues

Wayne explained the circumstance whereby a player may win their league but not move up to the league above if a number of higher ranked players re-enter the leagues.

Executive/ finance committees

The committee discussed the Club AGM held on 31st August which all committee members had attended, with the exception of Allan Curry and Sarah Bedford, who had been on holiday. Allan, as the Chairman of Squash will sit on both the Executive and Finance committees and Clive, as Vice-Chair, will continue his valued contribution to the squash section with responsibility for amongst other things, budget and committee agendas.

Following his motion at the AGM, RT has been invited to meet with Mel Vecsey for further discussion.

It was proposed and agreed to invite Tim Barker to become Chair of Junior Squash which would afford him a seat on the Squash Committee.

Summer Maintenance Programme

The doors to courts 2,3 and 4 have been replaced. The court floors sanded, male changing room painted and showers maintained. The ladies shower now has a curtain.

On behalf of the committee and club, Clive expressed his thanks to Derek Collins, who has overseen the Summer Maintenance Programme.

Concerns were expressed about the sensor in the court 4 corridor. 2 tubes on court 1 are not working.

Any other business

Allan suggested seeking funding through the PMA scheme.

Sarah suggested that the club apply for the Gold Standard Safeguarding award and that Abigail and Katie be nominated for an award to recognise their fundraising efforts.

Date of next meeting

Monday 16th October 2017.

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