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Julie Cornell

Squash committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Mon 17 Jul 2017

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 12th June, 2017

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Sarah Bedford, Allan Curry, Roger Tames, Dave North, Richard Vitty

Apologies: Wayne Easthaugh

Minutes of last meeting. Taken as read.

Membership 2017-2018

Membership renewal continues.

It is anticipated that renewals will continue as juniors start new courses in September and the new season starts. Clive to email new members to welcome them to the club and to invite them to adult social play night.

Main agenda items

The committee were in agreement that, with the information available at the time of planning, the choice of the date of the club championships was justified and that given the notice period provided to members, it was up to individual members to plan their commitments and competitive calendar according to their own priorities.

Secondly, the committee upheld its previous decision that female members could be nominated as a substitute for a men’s team but could not play as a regular team member.

Clive reported that he had met with Tim Barker to explain the structure of Northern FC and the squash committee’s position within it and the committee expressed their gratitude for Tim’s offer to join the committee and identified a role for him generating sponsorship.

County AGM

The County AGM was attended by Dave North and Richard Vitty. Following his proposal by Clive, Dave North has now become a member of the County committee to represent NFC. Dave reported on the issues raised, which included:-

Proposed increases in team fees to £50 per match due to the loss of the sponsor Kevin Whitfield.

League rule amendments.

Proposed changes to the structure of the ladies’ leagues.

Safeguarding of Junior players representing the county at away matches.

Junior Report

Clive reported an incident where the parent of a Junior who, despite requests to desist from doing so, had been observed playing in unsuitable footwear, nor was he a member of the club.

There was an issue regarding a parent’s claim for re-imbursement of fees, of which no record could be found, Clive had offered a goodwill payment.

Gosforth Academy has not paid for Sunday morning courts, an invoice will be issued.

Following the completion of the Level 1 coaching course, 7 juniors require reimbursement of half the course fee ie £75. The school will not refund this sum individually and has requested that the club invoice the school and then refund juniors. It was agreed to do this on this occasion.

Internal Leagues

Clive expressed concerns that the suggestion that the club run a junior league and over 55s league could diminish the strength of the existing league structure. All committee members to consider this before discussion at the next meeting.

Executive/ finance committees

Allan gave a brief report on the Finance committee meeting on 16th May. Clive gave a brief report on the Executive committee meeting on 23rd May.

Summer Maintenance Programme

CL confirmed that Derek Collins will oversee the summer maintenance programme which includes: -

Sand and reline courts 1&4, lift and replace dead spots on court 1.

Decoration of men’s changing room and repair to floor.

Replacement of the doors to courts 2,3, &4- Court Master are booked to come and measure and quote, RV requested that they repair the plaster on court 2.

Provision of a modesty shower curtain in the ladies changing room.

Update of the Honour’s Board.

New Mirror for the ladies changing room.

Remarking of the score board.

Any other business

There was a positive reaction to the Wall of Fame and to the new portrait of Michael Mattimore.

Roger circulated the latest edition of Norther Volleys.

The composition and number of ladies’ teams for the next season is to be discussed after numbers wishing to play has been established. It was suggested that Lesley Vitty attend this meeting.

SB and AC to continue to work on the safeguarding review.

Date of next meeting

Monday 24th July 2017

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