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Julie Cornell

Squash Committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Tue 18 Apr 2017

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 20 March, 2017

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Sarah Bedford, Allan Curry, Roger Tames, Dave North

Apologies: Anth Cummings, Wayne Easthaugh, Richard Vitty

Matters arising from previous Minutes

RT and SB to produce biographies for club website committee page.

All other matters were dealt with as main agenda items.

Club Championships/Presentation Night Planning

It was agreed to follow the same format as 2016-with a Men’s A, B and C draw and a Ladies A and B draw. The Racketball competition will be Wednesday night and Doubles competition on Friday.

Derek Collins will act as Tournament Director.

Sarah reported that an advertising banner has been ordered from Potts Printing.

At present, all courts are booked from 5.40pm but could be released if not needed.

It was agreed that the format of the Presentation Night would be the same as 2016, with informal seating and Gi’s pies. A ticket price of £8.50 was agreed.

Roz Edwards will present the prizes for the Club championships.

It was agreed to have the final organisation as the 1st item on the agenda of the next meeting and to invite Derek Collins to attend.

The committee agreed to invite our sponsors to the Presentation evening, offering them 2 complementary tickets.

Geoff Younger Tournament

On behalf of the committee, Clive thanked Allan for organising the tournament which had been very successful. It was agreed to continue with the same format of 15 entrants. Allan reported that he had posted a feature on the website.

Club Night Review

It was felt that the Club Nights were a success with 25 different members having taken part, many of them new members. These will continue into April.

England Squash

CL, RV and JC will meet at 10.00am on April 3rd to update the list of members requiring registration.


Dave gave a report on the current standings of the Northern teams, which have enjoyed mixed fortunes this season, ranging from qualification for the end of season playoffs to relegation. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the problem of fielding full teams, in particular for the Ladies 3rd team and the future of this team will be reviewed at the start of the next season.

Executive/ finance committees

Clive attended the recent Executive committee meeting and Allan the Finance meeting. The accounts up to the end of January were discussed by the squash committee, who were pleased to see a comprehensive set of records which will help the budget holder to complete the budget for the next financial year.

Internal Leagues

Following a number of complaints from members regarding league players leaving all their matches to the last week of each session, it was agreed to review the wording of league rules and the advice given to players.


For inclusion in the summer maintenance programme:-

Repairs to courts 1&4 floors.

Decoration of men’s changing room, including painting ceiling and walls, maintenance of shower controls, investigation and repair of the issue with the floor, remove and replace sealant.

Either painting or replacement with glass doors for courts 2,3&4.

To send the scoreboard to be painted.

It was agreed to have the court walls professionally cleaned.

Provision of a modesty shower curtain in the Ladies showers.

Any Other Business

Clive reported that due the pressure of other commitments Anth had tendered his resignation from the committee. On behalf of the club, the committee wishes to record its thanks to him.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 18th April

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