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Julie Cornell

Squash committee minutes

Julie Cornell - Tue 29 Nov 2016

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 14th November 2016

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Richard Vitty, Allan Curry, Dave North, Roger Tames, Anth Cummings , Wayne Easthaugh. Apologies: Karen Heron, Sarah Bedford, Roger Tames

Matters arising from previous Minutes

Richard reported that 9 of the 12 places for ladies coaching are filled and the course is running very well and the ladies are enjoying it.

Matt Hardy and Cai Younger have returned signed coaching agreements for the season. However Alex Robinson, who has just started university, has not and it is assumed that he is not interested at present in being on the coaching panel.

Website/Sponsors/Business page- further discussion deferred until SB can report.

The tablets have been trialled successfully by the Men’s 6th team and will be rolled out to other teams.

RV reported that the proposed exhibition match featuring Nick Matthew on 27-28th January 2017 has been deferred until the end of the season and that the date will be confirmed in February.

All other matters arising were dealt with as main agenda items.

Asda Bag Pack RV reported that the recent Asda bag pack raised £780 in 4 hours. Feedback from those involved had been very positive. He explained that funds had to be used for a specific purpose, in our case to provide technology for videoing players.

Wazygoose bookings/lights At present the lights do not automatically come on for a club event (indicated by a blue block on the system) and need to be turned on and off with keys. While this was not seen as an issue for team matches, club events etc , it was identified as a problem for the regular daytime booking by Dame Allans School, as sometimes David Giles or Sarah Howson were not available with a key.

Clive reported that he had received a complaint from a member that, due to a new Friday school coaching course, it was not possible to book courts on at 5pm. There was agreement that it was not feasible to move the start time of the Friday lessons any earlier. The committee agreed that this was not a new allocation of court time, only that the course commenced later in the season than other school training. The committee takes into account the needs of all parties when setting court usage at the start of each season.

Frozen membership enquiry Clive reported that he had received a request from a pregnant member regarding freezing membership. The committee upheld its previous decision that no refunds be given of the annual membership fee.

Corporate membership It was agreed to put this issue on hold for full discussion at the start of the 2017-2018 season.

Junior report Richard reported that all courses remain full with waiting lists. Some parents still need help with the Wazygoose payment system. There were a few outstanding course fees from the previous session.

The junior committee wish to sell raffle tickets in advance of their junior open, but to do so require a lottery licence. It was unclear whether the named promotor should be a member of the executive committee.

Andrew Shipley won the recent U15 boys regional championship. The club had 5 winners at the recent Yarm bronze open event.

Anth Cummings joined the meeting Teams2016-2017 DN to email team captains reminding them that the cost of post-match refreshments is £65 and asking them not to e-mail David Giles amending numbers.

Gosforth classic/PSA event Entry to this event has been very high. Clive has met with the organiser Cai Younger and Michael Mattimore.

Christmas Doubles 28th December. JC to organise refreshments. DN to organise event and seek assistance from Derek Collins.

Executive/ finance committees Clive reported to the committee on the recent Finance meeting. Concerns were raised as to the accuracy of the squash budget monitoring.

Internal Leagues No report.

Maintenance Concerns were raised about the cleanliness of the men’s changing room and the condition of its floor. There is still an issue with the door of court 4. It was suggested that the doors of courts 2, 3 and 4 be replaced with glass.

Any Other Business

The committee agreed to use the complementary sports massage vouchers the club has received as prizes for the Christmas doubles.

The cupboard next to the bar will soon have a lock and is to be used for storing squash bags.

The committee discussed organising defibrillator training for coaches and other interested members.

Clive reported that he had received an e-mail from Karen Heron informing him that due to conflicting commitments she wished to be replaced on the committee.

Date of next meeting Monday 12th December

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