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Julie Cornell

Squash committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Wed 28 Sep 2016

Northern FC Committee Meeting

Monday 19th September 2016

Present: Clive Lucas, Julie Cornell, Richard Vitty, Allan Curry, Anth Cummings, Sarah Bedford-Jones, Dave North, Wayne Easthaugh.

Apologies: Roger Tames,

Matters arising from previous Minutes All matters arising were dealt with as main agenda items.

Teams 2016-2017 Dave reported that he had held a meeting with team captains and also attended a meeting with Northumbria squash. Northern will field 6 men’s teams, 3 ladies teams and 2 junior teams. Matches start in a week. The committee wished to record its gratitude to Dave for co-ordinating fixtures and teams.

Events Diary The following dates were agreed:-

8th October- Dazzling Doubles

16-18th-December PSA Event

28th December- Christmas Doubles


18th March - Geoff Younger over 50s

24/25th June- Andy Lee Handicap Tournament

9th September- Ashes Tournament

There was prolonged discussion about the date of the Club Championships/Presentation Night Having taken into account bank holidays, school holidays, team matches and county events it was agreed that the only date possible was 24-29th April 2017. The committee expressed regret that this would clash with a junior silver tournament.

Coaching 2016-2017 Clive reported that he had spoken to Matt Hardy, Alex Robinson and Cai Younger. Alex and Matt had applied via e mail to be part of the club’s coaching panel and Cai had done so verbally. Cai requested that his coaching booking rights be restored.

Corporate membership AC requested that committee members contact him with suggestions for corporate membership.

Sarah Bedford Jones joined the meeting.

Website/Sponsors/Business page • WE to create business advertising page on website. • AC to write a disclaimer paragraph to state that the club is in no way endorsing businesses advertised • WE also to create banner on home page detailing club sponsors.

No price was agreed for other club members to advertise services. It was suggested that NLS be offered off peak club membership.

Newsletter No report

Executive/Finance Committees No report. The AGM will take place on 21st September 7pm.

Internal Leagues It was agreed that the default method of scoring should be PAR scoring to 11/15. This rule will be reviewed in 12months.

Maintenance The lock on RVs cupboard has been changed. Court cleaning- RV, Matt and Liam cleaned the lower parts of courts from 5th-9th September. However, due to lack of appropriate insurance for using scaffolding the upper parts of the courts remain uncleaned. The committee agreed that a professional cleaning company will be employed in future years.

Any other business

RV reported that junior courses are now paid for via Wazygoose.

Adult Coaching- There will be a ladies coaching course on a Friday at 9.30am starting 4th November. It was agreed to review uptake at the next meeting.

Anth reported that he had mixed responses from members regarding the use of tablet scoring for team matches. The 2 tablets will be stored in RVs cupboard (a copy of the key to be attached to the court lights key). The tablets will be trialled by the Men’s 6th team

Date of next meeting Monday 17th October

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