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Wayne Eastaugh

Internal Leagues September 2016

Wayne Eastaugh - Sat 17 Sep 2016

Lewis Wake finished top of the league and almost with a perfect score! Meanwhile, playing left-handed Matthew Hardy finished with the best performance. New league session runs to Fri 21 Oct 2016...

We've had 30+ players coming and going this month which creates a very dynamic league. If you are not in exactly the division you expect to be, don't worry because you'll be alongside the opponents at your level!


Did you know Leagues information, scoring, rules and more is available on the Wazygoose website? You can see all the info here:

New League

This league session runs up to Fri 21 Oct 2016.

You can view the new league at:

Last Month

You can view the final standings from last month at:

Top Performing Players

No Name Av. Points
1 Matthew Hardy 5.7500
2 Peter Thompson 5.5000
3 Kieran Mahoney 5.4000
4 Tony Oliver 5.2500
= Lewis Wake 5.2500

The full list of performances is available at:

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