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Dave North

Ashes Tournament 2016 - results

Dave North - Thu 15 Sep 2016

Bob, Gordie and Adam on fire as they win this year's Ashes Tournament

Bob, Gordie and Adam were on fire in winning this year's Ashes Tournament and the prestiguos Ashes Trophy.

The 6th running of the Ashes Tournament took place on 10th September. The 18players were split into 6 teams of 3, with the number 1s playing each other in a round robin (same for number 2s and number 3s) – non-stop 7 minute games.

After over 2 hours of frantic squash, all the points were added up and the final placings were:

Winners – Bob Aynsley, Gordie Robertson, Adam Forster (258 ps)

Runners up - Karen Heron, Wayne Eastaugh, Peter Thompson (238 pts)

3rd - Derek Collins, Tom Cornell, Gagan Dhillon (231 pts)

4th – Charlie Ponente, Phil Purvis, Kieran Mahoney (230 pts)

5th – Josie Barker, Joel Birch-Machin, Tony Cornell (227 pts)

6th - Phil White, Dave North, Sarah Bedford-Jones (201 pts)

Highest individual points scorers were Tom Cornell (109), Peter Thompson (107) and Adam Forster (106)

Thanks to all who entered and participated on the night, to make it another successful Tournament.

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