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Wayne Eastaugh

Andy Lee Memorial 2016 Results

Wayne Eastaugh - Wed 29 Jun 2016

The Andy Lee Memorial 2016 concluded on Sunday night and Andrew Shipley emerged victorious while everyone enjoyed an excellent tournament, truly in the spirit of Andy Lee...

24 members contested the first Andy Lee Memorial tournament this weekend and it truly was played in the spirit of our late Andy Lee.

The tournament was a handicap event played over Saturday and Sunday night with the 24 members split into four groups of 6. The games were played first to 15, PAR scoring, sudden death at 14 and the vast majority of matches were closely scored affairs. The winners of each group were decided by highest number of wins followed by highest number of points to decide ties.

The final standings in each of the groups were as follows:

Court 1

Pos Name Wins Points
1 Keian Mahony 5 75
2 Joel Birch-Machin 3 69
3 Phil White 3 58
4 Mike Paul 2 33
5 Brian Richardson 1 62
6 Peter J Thompson 1 57

Court 2

Pos Name Wins Points
1 Andrew Shipley 4 71
2 Bob Aynsley 4 68
3 Adam Forster 3 68
4 Derek Collins 3 60
5 Dave North 1 52
6 Gordie Robertson 0 34

Court 3

Pos Name Wins Points
1 Tom Cornell 5 75
2 Wayne Eastaugh 4 73
3 Karen Heron 3 55
4 Tony Cornell 2 62
5 Stuart Mitchell 1 46
5 Louside Shaw 0 33

Court 4

Pos Name Wins Points
1 Mathew Thompson 5 75
2 John Thompson 4 71
3 Vincent O'Sullivan 4 67
4 Sarah Bedford 2 61
5 Emma Delgaty 1 57
6 Gareth Davies 1 57
Emma beat Gareth in their head-to-head

The winners of each of the groups were drawn out of a hat to contest the semi-finals and the matches were:

Andrew Shipley beat Keian Mahony

Tom Cornell beat Mathew Thompson

Andrew Shipley then faced Tom Cornell in the final on the show court, Court 1. In what turned out to be a thrilling and exhausting final, Andrew Shipley beat Tom Cornell to become the first ever Andy Lee Memorial tournament winner!

Congratulations to Andrew Shipley and well done to Tom Cornell for playing such a brilliant and entertaining final. We were thrilled and delighted that Andy Lee's daughter, Bridget brought her family to watch the proceedings on Sunday evening and presented the trophy to Andrew.

Thanks to everyone who took part and made the event such a blast. In particular I'd like to thank Julie Cornell, Dave North, Sarah Bedford, Richard Vitty and Derek Collins for all their help and support.

Andrew Shipley and Tom Cornell
Finalists Andrew Shipley and Tom Cornell

The players with Andy Lee's daughter Bridget
The players with Andy Lee's daughter Bridget

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