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Julie Cornell

Squash committee minutes

Julie Cornell - Wed 25 May 2016

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 16th May 2016

Present: Clive Lucas, Dave North, Julie Cornell, Roger Tames, Wayne Eastaugh, Sarah Bedford Jones, Richard Vitty, Anth Cummings

Apologies: Allan Curry

Matters arising from previous minutes.

Clive reported that he had e-mailed Alex Storey to thank him for his time on the committee which has now come to an end. The committee would also like to record their thanks and appreciation of the contribution that Michelle Robertson, who has now stepped down from the committee, has made to both the committee and to Northern Squash Club. All other matters arising from the previous minutes were discussed as main agenda items.

Membership renewals 2016-2017

Membership renewals are going smoothly. There is currently a waiting list of 10 people who will be able to join on 1st of June.

Financial Report on Club Championships/Presentation Night.

Clive distributed the financial report on the Club Championships/Presentation Night which was examined and discussed briefly.

Plans for the 2016-2017 Season

Suggestions for the Summer Improvement Programme included:-

New lighting for the balcony area.

It was agreed in principal to use tablet marking for team matches. Issues around storage and battery charging were discussed but not resolved. It was proposed to start using tablets initially for 1st team matches and then roll out to other teams.

Repair of the deficit in the wall of Court 2.

There was agreement that club events need to be publicised well in advance and that planning should start for each event at least 6 weeks in advance. In August/September, a calendar of forthcoming events should be published on the website, within the club, bar and on social media.

Update of the honours boards including a new Honorary Members board.

The Andy Lee Handicap Tournament

The revised date for the Andy Lee Memorial Handicap Tournament is 25th/26th June. Wayne requested help and advice on running the event. An entry fee of £5 was approved.

Adult Coaching Squash/Racketball

It was agreed to provide a Friday afternoon ladies beginner squash/racketball group and a mixed Sunday afternoon beginners group. Roger confirmed that Sport Newcastle would support adult coaching. Suggestions included opening coaching to non-members through advertising in schools and at Bohemians Tennis Club.

County Committee Report

Richard gave a report on the County AGM held on 12th May. He explained that at the AGM there were a number of points tabled for discussion which would then be considered by the county committee at a subsequent meeting.

The county’s finances remain in good order, with a balance of £14,000- £15,000. This figure is lower than in previous years, but this reflects the success of the county’s teams which generates more expense in the form of travel/catering and accommodation.

The county leagues ran smoothly. John Thompson has agreed to be Leagues Secretary next season. New software is being trialled over the summer.

As Newcastle University are demolishing their squash courts and are not anticipated to have new ones for three years, they have requested that they play their home games at opponents clubs. There was a discussion about the impact of extra matches on our own court bookings.

The rules regarding nominations are to be tightened and communicated to clubs by Dave Barnett.

It is proposed to have a 2 week window at the start of each half, during which fixtures can be re-arranged.

As there is no longer a member of Northern Squash committee on the county committee it was agreed to ask Liam Gutcher to report on county committee meetings.

Finance Committee

The next Finance Committee Meeting will take place on Thursday 19th May with Clive attending in the absence of Allan Curry. Clive reported that at the time of the squash committee meeting he had not received an agenda for the Finance Meeting.

Executive Committee Meeting.

No report.

Junior Report

The current season’s coaching is now coming to an end. Richard reported that he is now planning visits, coaching provision for next season.

Internal Leagues

The summer leagues have started and are running smoothly. There have been fewer players drop out of the leagues than anticipated.

Any other business

Roger suggested holding an annual members meeting in September to allow discussion of submitted points, which could then be given consideration by the committee at a later date. This was approved.

Sarah Bedford Jones will attend a 3 hour course on the Roles and Responsibilities of a Safeguarding and Welfare Officer in Harrogate on 15th June. The club will reimburse course fees and travelling expenses.

Richard reported that he and Wayne were in discussion regarding renewal of junior courses on line through Wazygoose. There was general agreement that, as long as payments could be identified as being specifically course fees, this would be preferable to the current system.

Abigail Bedford and Katie Barker gave an excellent presentation to the committee on their proposal to organise and run a “Dazzling Doubles” tournament, at which 15-20 pairs of doubles players in neon clothing/wigs/ facepaint etc would pay £4 entry fee. Approval was given to hold this event on 2nd July and the committee members offered their help in advertising the event on the website, social media and around the club. Although the girls had wisely come armed with chocolate muffin “sweeteners”, no bribe was necessary and committee were unanimous in their appreciation of the planning, effort and professionalism of the presentation.

Next meeting Monday 20th June 2016- Allan Curry or Wayne Easthaugh to chair in the absence of Clive Lucas.

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