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Julie Cornell

Squash Committee Minutes

Julie Cornell - Sun 24 Apr 2016

Northern FC Squash Committee Meeting

Monday 18th April 2016

Present: Clive Lucas, Dave North, Julie Cornell, Roger Tames, Allan Curry, Wayne Eastaugh, Sarah Bedford Jones

Guest: Derek Collins

Apologies: Michelle Robertson, Richard Vitty, Anth Cummings

Matters arising from previous minutes.

All matters arising from the previous minutes were discussed as main agenda items.

Club Championships

Clive thanked all those who participated in running the Club Championships, in particular Tournament Director Derek Collins. There was general agreement that the Championships had been very successful, the compressed 1 week format, introduction of Racketball and Doubles events were all seen as positive changes. Committee members felt that the social media sites and Roger’s e mails helped to increase participation and awareness.

The following points were recorded for consideration for next year’s championships:-

Better advertising within the club- purchase of a display stand, asking Liam Gutcher to produce a better poster to have printed at A1 size.

Book all 4 courts from 5.40, with court 4 being released if not needed.

Planning to take place in September- to allow publication of championships at as early a date as possible.

Suggestions included capping entries at 3x16 men’s draws and 1x 16 ladies draw, 20 Racketball entries and 20 Doubles pairs and possibly running the main event as a true championship with one draw of 64 entrants.

It was felt that for the future, the updated draws should be sent to all players, rather than just those still involved in rounds.

There was general agreement that the wazygoose booking system worked well but that “tweaking” for next year was necessary- in particular the booking of Doubles to make pairs more obvious.

Presentation Night.

Feedback from both committee and general members was extremely positive. The less formal format and the food were both very popular and the online booking system worked well. Clive thanked Roger for his excellent contribution to the Evening.

Concerns were raised about lone bar staff being left to lock up after the event.

Derek Collins then left the Meeting

Membership 2016-2017

The date for membership renewal is 1st may. Members will be able to renew online from this date. The last date that anyone who has not renewed their membership will be able to book a court is 31st May. From the 1st of June the club will accept new members.

It was agreed that daytime members cannot play in internal leagues.


The club’s safeguarding procedures have been reviewed and it was agreed that juniors of 12/13 years of age playing in the leagues should be chaperoned and parents advised of this when their children enter the leagues.

The club consider that no unnecessary or foreseeable risks are knowingly undertaken and that the club’s approach to ensuring the safety of juniors and its adherence to good policy is fit for purpose.

Squash committee 2016/2017

Clive thanked the members of the committee for their efforts and requested that they continue in their roles. As Alex Storey had not attended any meetings for over a year it was agreed to remove him from the committee and Clive also advised the committee that Michelle Robertson intended to step down from her role. Clive also explained that, as the Squash Committee is a subcommittee, there is no requirement to hold an AGM.

Squash Teams 2015-2016 Season.

Dave reported that due to reduced interest there will be 3 teams in the Summer leagues with himself, Jem Stach and Tim Barker acting as captains.

The ladies 3rd team have a bye into the end of season cup final while the men’s and ladies 1st teams will compete in the semi-finals on Friday 22.4.16.

Finance Committee

An Extraordinary Finance Meeting took place on 14th April. Allan reported that there had been agreement to hold a Finance Committee meeting every 2 months, to minute all meetings, for section heads to have budgets in place.

Executive Committee Meeting.

No report.

Junior Report

No report.

Internal Leagues

The Summer leagues start on 30th April.

County Committee Report

No report.

Any other business

Dave requested that he could block book courts 1 and 2 on 6th of May for the end of season 5thv6th team match. This was approved.

The Andy Lee Handicap Tournament will be held on14th/15th of May.

There had been an enquiry about adult group coaching. Roger confirmed that Sport Newcastle has made funding available for this.

Next meeting

Monday 16th May 2016

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