League Suspended

The Summer Squash Doubles - May June July August 2023 is currently suspended and has no active games. You can still view all historical information.


League session ending Thursday 31 August 2023
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Division 1
Name A B C D E F G
New player Gary Lockwood / Harvey Branton A X 2 3 5
New player David Birkin / David Black B 5 X
New player Anthony Hood / David Ramsey C 5 X 5
New player Darren Bentham / Paul Thurland D 3 3 X
New player Jonny Buckton / Victoria Black E X
New player Tim Scott / Chris Brunton F X
New player Jon Hunter / Daniel Bentham G X
Session Top Players

Highest scoring players (so far this session) - points per match averaged over all games available.
(Excludes walkovers)