Online Bookings And Sports League Management

Wazygoose online sports league management and 24x7 booking solutions.

Online Bookings

Many clubs still use ring binders and paper to manage their bookings and not only is it inconvenient for players, but clubs suffer because courts/pitches/tee times are under-utilised while unfulfilled bookings spin out of control.

The Wazygoose 24 x 7 Bookings module enables clubs to manage their bookings simply and effectively, enabling online booking, and promoting full visibility of courts/pitches/tee times utilisation.

The Wazygoose 24 x 7 Bookings module boasts the following features:

  • Secure logon - backed-up by 128-bit SSL
  • Book from any internet-enabled computer
  • Simplified online interface for members to book from their internet-enabled phone
  • Instant, 24 x 7 update of information available to any member.
  • Full user management to add/remove/edit/enable/disable member's access to the module
  • Standard member bookings so that users can book
  • Agent bookings supporting admin staff making bookings for other players
  • Team bookings enabling booking to be made in advance for club administrators who need to ensure courts/picthes/tee times are booked for their Team Games, Coaching sessions or special events
  • Restrictions on members number of concurrent bookings, types of bookings and number of days in advance for which they can make bookings
  • Reporting of courts/pitches/tee times utilisation and individual usage patterns

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Sports League Management

Manage your sports league - all fully online making it easier, quicker and more convenient to run.

The Wazygoose Sports League Management module boasts the following features:

  • Secure logon - backed-up by 128-bit SSL
  • Player management - add and remove players, edit their contact details
  • League configuration - set the parameters of the league to suit your competition. Decide if you want a completely linear league or a parallel league configuration. Alter the number of divisions, the numbers of players in each division, duration of each session
  • View league online, print out leagues for display at your club, produce contact details for players and email.
  • Reports detailing individual player's performance and activity
  • End of session analysis detailing every match, and final standings for every player in ever division
  • Computation of promotion and relegation of players with additional full manual override and control over the placement of players in the new session
  • Administrator input of match results or optional player screens so players can enter scores themselves with full notification of results to both players and the league administrator with automated conflict resolution and appeal facility

Overall we aim to be the best online sports league management solution on the internet.

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